An animal which is under threat of extinction essay

If people loss their house, they will not have any shelter and live without protection. In under 80 years, the dodo was extinct.

Their habitat has been seriously threatened for several decades by the melting of the Arctic pole, causing the isolation of the species, more difficulty in getting food and sometimes distances too long to swim.

Recently it was reported on this site that scientists are working together to save frogs from the fungus. Such examples are many. It is thought it was introduced by the importation of African Clawed Frogs who carried the fungus out of Africa.

There are other ways to gudge the extent of thereat to the life of a species. Next Giraffe One of the most iconic species in Africa such as the giraffe is a recent addition to this sad list.

Short essay on Wildlife in Danger

Hunting in many countries now is a regulated activity. The species of following vertebrates are also facing the danger of extinction.

Top 10 animals in danger of extinction

However, if there is justification for the fact that economic activity of people for the most part is vital, then purposeful and wanton killing of animals has no justification. The 3rd category is called "Conservation dependent".

A bit of historical facts In this animal extinction essay I will describe the problem of extinction of flora, which occurs under the influence of human activity. Man has realized today that destruction of wildlife means an end to his own survival. Many countries have agreed to prohibit trade the hides of vanishing species such as the cheetah and the snow leopard.

In India, this is to a large extent.

Short essay on Wildlife in Danger

Next Sumatran orangutan Hunting and sale as pets and the large palm oil industries are the reasons for its critical situation. The same is made for the damage of the rainforests, that i believe we have to do something about.

The reason for this disaster is people, or rather their business activity. Streams are being filed up with sand, stone and soil. An innovative captive breeding program was started in South Africa, by a non-profit organization.

Technological progress is the main enemy of all life on Earth. Anthropogenic changes in the landscape adversely affect the conditions of existence of most species.

It is assumed that between 50 and 70 percent of most species on the planet are somehow connected to the rainforests, and research shows the rainforests hides an incredible number of species yet to be discovered. About one hundred and fifteen live in two parks created just for their protection: The first victims became zebras.

The city is expanding. Some kinds under this category will be the noticed hyena and the killer whale, and they're not critically endangered, but conservation programs are needed.

The dodos once thrived on the island Mauritius. The rate of extinction of animals and birds will increase, according to ecologists. About tigers live in a nature preserve on the island, but poachers are killing them even in protected areas. This implies the species encounters no current risk of extinction.

Animal Extinction Essay. Is It A Global Problem?

Many of the endangered varieties are essential for other kinds survival, and in the long run, they could even play a big area of the existence of human beings.

They can refuse to buy products made from rare animals. Such examples are many. Currently ivory trade is prohibitedbut it is still practiced on the black market.Read about how human activity like agriculture, trade, and conflict have driven six species to near extinction.

Impacts of the Endangered Species Act Words | 4 Pages. Endangered Species Act Most people are familiar with the Endangered Species List which is a document that shows various fish, birds, mammals, and other creatures that are in danger of extermination from the face of the Earth.

The panda, the tiger, the blue whale and the pile gorilla. These are just a few types of animals critically endangered with extinction. In fact, according to the IUCN Red List, about 22 percent of most mammal kinds are threatened by extinction.

Aug 27,  · Studies show that during toabout 5, 00, species of plants and animals will face extinction i.e. 10% of total plants and animals will become extinct.

Wild life has been under threat of extinction all over the fmgm2018.coms: 2. It is endangering medicinal plants and rapidly leading them into extinction.

To begin with, the over-harvesting of medicinal plants is rapidly leading them to extinction, is a plant species known as Himalayan yew tree utilize to treat cancer, is on the verge of becoming extinct in 3/5(10). Animal Extinction Preventing Extinction Not much is thought about extinction in today’s society.

One might argue that it is a small problem, and completely irrelevant; but according to statistics of scientific research, extinction is an important issue nationwide.

An animal which is under threat of extinction essay
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