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Lastly the organizational aspect pertains to the capability of the company to survive. Giovanni Bisignani in his speech on State Easyjet case analysis the Industry elaborated about the constant fears and threats being faced by the airline industry.

The process of Easyjet case analysis is undertaken by various groups of people in a specific department which involves establishing long term relationship which can be rewarded in the future course of business when these process benefit all the concerned parties Lamb, Hair and McDaniel, Marketing management is the practice of assigning the resources of the organization for marketing activities which is responsible for conceptualizing strategies Principles of Marketing, n.

Legal aspects are also very crucial for the success of the EasyJet. Marketing is of vital importance to the business enterprises as stated by Peter F. Innovation is yet another strategic turn in airline marketing as many great airlines have the experience of launching a new route amidst great optimism.

Similarly Rao mentioned that marketing can be understood from two perspectives i. This was successfully achieved by offering customers low fares with its no frill flights and adopting an efficiency-driven operational model; high brand awareness, maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction making it one of the leading low-cost airlines in Europe.

EasyJet flies over more than top routes in Europe than any other airlines, providing air services to the passengers at different destinations around 29 countries EasyJet Plc.

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Operations management has become a science and is blended with the other functions of a business like marketing and finance.

According to Webster n. In case of EasyJet differentiating its services from other competitors would be difficult because of Easyjet case analysis startups of other low cost business organizations.

Bythe airline had expanded with a fleet of eighteen Boeing aircraft and twenty-seven routes in Europe creating a niche for itself in the low-cost airline business. In order to make such happen, it is necessary for the business organizations to have strategic marketing plan to promote their products and services, should be able to meet the expectations of customers and at competitive price.

Discounting strategy, most often used by the companies in retail industries, is also profitable as it places more emphasis on increasing net revenue by selling to different customer classes at different prices and further discourages and foils entry to the industry by low cost start up airlines Mills, However, the main difficulty for customer arises in replicating brand loyalty, which is very difficult.

EasyJet was strategically located at London's Luton airport. The present research is aimed at studying the market scenario in airline industry and at the same time identifying the best marketing approach in ever changing marketing environment by providing analysis on Easy Jet Airlines.

The rarity of value proposition is not high as many firms seek to gain consumer by value additions in their product.

On the other hand, value proposition is easily replicated particularly in the service sector, since it is difficult to replicate services. Airline marketing illustrates both principles of marketing wherein marketing to the business air traveler, and of freight services illustrate the concept of industrial marketing while leisure air travel marketing, increasingly exhibits the principles of consumer marketing.

Market and marketing are interrelated as both are incomplete without each other. Product push marketing and customer led marketing approach can be combined in the airline industry to achieve significant share in the market through finding ways to encourage or persuade customers to buy the products or instead chase the customers to find out their needs and wants and deliver those products and services much before the competitor does Hooley, Piercy and Nicoulaud, The management can achieve significant savings in the fuel costs as the advance planes consumes less fuel, the traveling time could also be reducing which again have very positive implication on the profitability and reputation of the Easy Jet.

Value is created by meeting the customers end and satisfying their demands for which an essential strategy needs for formulated. Global airline industry consists of over airlines operating more than commercial aircraft, providing service to over airports.

It is further mentioned that marketing is a broader concept which includes all human activities in relation to the market which includes product planning and growth, buying and assembling, pricing and discounting, supply and selling, branding and packaging, standardization and grading, transportation and warehousing, promotion and advertising, financing and risk bearing, analysis of market in terms of its present and potential customers.

The hike in oil price fuelled by monetary expansion has resulted in the employee lay-offs to support the cost cutting strategy, increasing the travel cost which has resulting in the fall for demand due the consumers giving second thought and opting for alternatives instead of costly transport.Ryanair Case Study Analysis Words | 13 Pages.

1. Strategy of Ryanair Overview of the Company Ryanair started in year with only 57 staff members and with one 15 seater turboprop plane from the south of east of Ireland to London-Gatwick which carried passengers on one route (Harrison, ).

The Web's Favorite Airline 1. COMPANY OVERVIEW EasyJet was lunched in November with a fleet of two Boeing aircraft flying from London to Glasgow and Scotland. The strategic analysis of EasyJet and Easy Group --the analysis of organisational assets and Growth-share Matrix analysis for the Easy Group Case Study:easyJet call centre takes off with NationalCall [accessed ] Interview Quelch, John/5(6).

An assignment on case analysis. Submitted To Documents Similar To Case Study: Easy Jet. Analysis of EasyJet and Indian Low Cost Airlines Strategies. Uploaded by. Nitika Mishra. easyjet summary. Uploaded by. Ayesha Kusuma Wardhani.

EasyJet Case.5/5(2). An assignment on case analysis.

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The PESTEL analysis of EasyJet airlines shown in figure 1 suggests that all the external factors were favourable for EasyJet which contributed to its corporate success. Also in the industry lifecycle EasyJet is in the growth phase where it can increase sales, reduce costs and make profit.

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